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WorldFest ‘09

Saturday, 9th May 2009

Ġnien l-Indipendenza, Sliema

10.00am-10.00pm, free entrance


Fair Trade food and handicrafts from

L-ARKA; local agricultural produce


11.00am12.30pm – storytelling and crafts for children, 7-10 yrs


1.00pm – Organic seed planting for children (Food First Malta)


5.00pm – Presentation on agrofuels - Fuelling or Fooling Europe? (FoE Malta)


5.00pm – 6.30pm – storytelling and crafts for children, 7-10 yrs


6.00pm – Organic seed planting for children (Food First Malta)


6.00pm – Public Forum, If food could speak

Chair: William Grech

Riccardo Franciolini (Italy), Rural Development in Small Mediterranean Islands and Food Sovereignty

Eric Van Monckhoven (Belgium, Italy), Healthy Food

Carmel Cassar, Slow Food Malta

Vince Caruana, Food First Malta

Victor Galea, Ager Foundation (Gozo)


7.00pm – Public Forum, Meta l-ikel jitkellem

Chair: Anna Zammit

Angele Deguara, Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust

Ġwann Xerri OP

Joe Galea, Koperattiva Rurali Manikata

Evarist Bartolo, PL, Tfal ikkundannati għall-mewt

Carmel Cacopardo, AD, L-Ikel u s-Sostenibilità

Philip Mifsud, PN

Clement Azzopardi, Għaqda tal-Produtturi Gomriża


7.00pm – Ethnic food for sale from Malta, Palestine, Eritrea and Somalia, fair trade bar


9.00pm Concert featuring writers from Malta and Ireland, and music by Danjeli, Antoine Vella and Andrew Christie, Brikkuni with Mohammed Ahmed Rahmatalla from Sudan


See WorldFest PR English/Malti 



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Raj Patel writes that “food sovereignity embodies perhaps the most important lesson from years of struggle around food and agriculture: the best way to arrive at a balanced, just and sustainable food system is to have a democratic conversation about it. The power should be in our hands, and all too often it isn’t. [...] The way our food comes to us has been shaped by corporations and governments, international institutions and oligarchs,” and it doesn’t feel like we have much of a say in the larger debate.

Wayne Roberts, The No Nonsense Guide to World Food (2008)


“The food we produce we do not eat, the food we eat we do not produce.”

Two women farmers from Ghana (2009)



About this project


The Kieku l-ikel jitkellem / The Right to Food project is essentially a network of people and organizations working on the theme of food sovereignity for the fair trade festival WorldFest in May 2009 which is organized by Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust of the world shop L-Arka in St. Paul's Street, Valletta.


Kieku l-ikel jitkellem is part of the Enlarging Fair project.


We're working on two, interrelated levels: doing research on the theme of food sovereignity and dealing artistically with it. To see the list of researchers and artists who have volunteered to take part in the project go to imsieħba fil-proġett.



There are a couple of good quotes about "food sovereignity" on the first page of this website. Perhaps the best place to start would be at It was this global network of small farmers that coined the term "food sovereignity" in 1996. You can also have a look at the many documents available on or from this site. We're dealing with food as a basic human right, but we're also talking about the rights of small producers in Malta and in the Global South, also called the Majority World.


We're particularly interested in how Fair Trade food products from poor, disadvantaged communities in Latin America, Asia and Africa can team up with organic products and healthy food traditions in Malta to provide an ideal combination that respects global justice, environmental sustainability and cultural diversity.

Artistic work

Then there's the artistic side of the project which will be a direct result of the research on the food revolution done by the artists involved. We'd like to produce a book of unusual, engaging stories for children of around 8 years and adolescents who are around 12 years old.


We'd also like to produce poems and/or short stories in Maltese for adults as we did for WorldFest 2007 (Tibża' Xejn Jekk Tibda x-Xita) and 2008 (Riħ min-Nofsinhar) and present them together with the participating musicians during the WorldFest concert in May 2009 at the Upper Barrakka Gardens.


The artistic design will reflect the research done and the artists' collaboration with the writers and musicians.


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